Aki Kuga (枸雅 阿幾, Kuga Aki?) age 20

Aki is a childhood friend of Kyohei and a powerful seki who controls the kakashi, Kuramitsuha. He was quietly serving his sentence for the massacre of Kuga members, up until someone told him of Kyohei’s departure for Tokyo. This prompted him to escape his confinement to confront his old friend about the same “sin” they are guilty of and to stop him from living life as if nothing happened.

Aki is being pursued by other seki’s like Utao, Koushiro and Kirio who were sent out by the village to recapture him. Currently he is living in Tokyo, hiding out in Kuko Karahari’s apartment.


Aki has an indifferent nature about things in general (with the exception of Kyohei). He is also very resourceful and resilient which helps him adapt into different situations and overcome various challenges, as is shown in his life in both the village and in the city.

In Karakami Village, though he endured constant prejudice from the locals, he was still able to single handedly protect Senou against Atsushi and his gang, even if only up to a point. He was able to surpass Kyohei’s capabilities to help their sensei despite the latter having a kakashi at his disposal. In Tokyo, apart from successfully fending off pursuing seki’s, Aki also managed to find himself a comfortable hideout and even an unexpected ally in Kuko.

In battle, Aki shows an ingenious mastery of Kuramistuha and utilizes its power to suit his convenience. He also has a talent in meticulously analyzing his opponents and using it to quickly calculate combat strategies.

Aki and Kyohei both display a polarity in their character. Aki, who is mostly brutish, manipulative and intimidating, can be surprisingly calm, patient and reasonable. Likewise, Kyohei, who is usually kind and gentle mannered, can quickly become erratic and violent.